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Re: What do I do if I don't have enough milk?!?

I don't know about most 2week olds, but mine nursed all the time too. Nursing is supply/demand, so the more the baby nurses; the more milk you produce. Many babies are fussy because of sensitivities in the mother's diet. My dd wasn't fussy, but in the course of one office visit to her ped. she spit up 8 times because I had cereal for breakfast. She was sensitive to dairy and later we found out soy. When I cut these things from my diet she was a happier baby. Also, you may try the mother's tea or fenugreek. I would not supplement because if you bottle feed more, the less milk you produce and it is just a vicious cycle. I say try the fenugreek, or tea and consult a lactation consultant. OH, and pumping when you are not nursing helps too - the more stimulation the better. Also, isn't it around 2 weeks that they have their first growth spurt? Maybe this will pass.
HUGS to you. Oh, La Leche League would also be a great place for support. There is probably one meeting in your area.
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