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Re: Do you live in a NON BF friendly environment?

No one in my family is supportive of my natural parenting styles in any way shape or form. I'm constantly getting "do you HAVE do that here" and comments like that when I'm breastfeeding. They think I should hide in the other room to nurse even for small family get togethers.

Also, according to them, cloth diapers are nasty and there is no way I can get them clean and I should be using disposables because they are sterile (that's news to me) all because DD had a staph infection about a month ago. Blah.

When it comes to buying organic food, I'm "wasting" my money because according to them it's all the same because organic spinach was carrying ecoli. Even when I try to tell them there is formeldahyde in their maple syrup and pressed wood...they could care less.

Apparently making baby food is a waste of time and it makes a big mess too, so I should just by the jar stuff.

And it's all my fault I never have a babysitter (who said I wanted one??) because I make babysitting "impossible"

With my first daughter, a lot of their comments took a toll on me. I stopped breastfeeding at 6 months old and did commercial baby food outside of the house.

THankfully with my second daughter I have learned to ignore everything they say and do things my own way!! I nurse wherever I want whenever I want. I always have homemade baby food for fact I bought her organic jar stuff once and she puked all over after eating it. I cloth diaper no matter where I am, I won't bring sposies with me just because I know I'm going to get the "ewww that's gross" comments. I'm their mom, I know I'm doing what's best and that's the way it's going to be!
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