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Re: Do you live in a NON BF friendly environment?

When I had my first three children we lived in a liberal college town and to bottle feed a child would have been an outrage. I breastfeed anywhere and everywhere. Even while grocery shopping. I'd push the cart one handed and nurse away. We did have a person in our social circle who let it all hang out-and all of us vowed NEVER to be caught dead doing that lol. I had discret down to an art. I also nursed the kids until 3 and four years.
With Ezra, we live in a new town, and for the first many many months of his life, I'd hide in the bathroom to do it. I got such weird vibes here. I can't believe I went from nursing with confidence FOR YEARS (I"ve been nursing for almost 12 years straight between all the children I have.) To hiding in the bathroom.
Now I'm over it and I will literally nurse anywhere again. Thank God.
My husband owns a small Sears dealership store and you can find me right at the cash register Nursing Ezra on my stool.
A lot of people actually talk to me because I'm nursing him and they think it's great. Much diff. than the attitude I thought I was percieving.
My father in law who works with us everyday is HORRIFIED though lol. HORRIFIED. (He's the one who gave me my nursing scars ha!)
***Oh yea, forgot to mention, I had utter culture shock moving here.
My husbands family is totally against cloth diapers, and sleeping with infants, and know, the whole nine yards. They think it's icky lol. They literally can't stomach any of it.
I've never sassed my father in law before, but one day during dinner I was particularly preg. and mentioned that I was cloth diapering Ezra. He said they were gross. I stood up and RANTED. Then sat back down and ate my dinner.
I think he got the point.
Mama to Ariah 16, Phineas 14, Lucia 9, Ezra 5, And baby twins Rowan and Freya. (Good God that's a lot of kids)

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