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Re: Bread not cooking all the way through?

I heard a great tip somewhere...probably Alton Brown.....

Bread is generally done when the internal temperature reaches about 206 degrees F. I have a thermometer that I use in meats and such, it reads quickly and is easy to stab into a loaf and has saved my loaves so much because I used to do the same thing!

Maybe try backing the heat down to 350 and cook at least another 15 min. I usually cook everything at 350 to keep my tops from burning and most loaves have to cook at least 40 min or so. Rolls can cook about 15-20 min, or maybe small loaves.

But I'd try the thermometer if you have one or find the use for one. Mine's been a lifesaver....I don't have to guess anymore if my chicken is done, bread is baked well, etc. It was well worth the $15. Here's the one I got
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