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Re: Tired of Night Nursing...

First of all, congrats on your current success with Breastfeeding!

As for the night nursing, I have found that just nursing works most of the time... other times, like for a couple days while teething at 6 mos, we had some luck with substituting a pacie for the nipple after a while... Although it's uncommon for non-pacie kids to take pacies, ours did for those few bad teething nights...

also if this night-waking is partially caused by teething, you might have some luck with Hylands Natural Teething Tablets...

one last thing, if you are looking for another "natural" bc plan, I'd recommend the diaphram, as there are no hormones attached... and although it's not 100% (neither are hormones), it's usually a more reliable form of bc then nursing... from what I understand, you have to nurse every three hours around the clock and offer no other foods for breastfeeding to be bc & even then it doesn't work for everyone! Sorry if this is tmi! And if your family chooses natural child spacing, just ignore me!!
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