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Please read re: clarification on what is and is not spam in the WAHM Group

In the WAHM Info and Product Testing forum, WAHMs are welcome to talk about their listings and the products they have for sale if they're asking for constructive criticism. In the past, we've asked some of you to word your post carefully and to NOT just post a link to a currently active product, but instead copy and paste the picture and description into your post, and that a link out to a product would be spam. This is no longer the case, and you should feel free to ask for input on your listings without fear of being reported for spam. (If people appear to be abusing this system, though, we will go back to the way things were.) Also, be sure you keep those questions in the WAHM Info and Product Testing forum, because anywhere else, including WAHM Chit Chat, and it IS spam.

The WAHM Chit Chat forum should be reserved for "water cooler" topics, and questions about running a business in general, how to keep good records, what do you do to balance work and family, what to do if your toddler destroys a paid-for item that was shipping out today, etc.

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