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Re: Vent about MIL

Sounds alot like my MIL!! She tells me that I should bottlefeed because that way I can get out and have a life and that I can't let my kids run my life (umm, I chose to have them, they didn't choose to have me!) She critisizes me for breastfeeding all the time! My MIL actually told me with DS that it was IMPOSSIBLE to EBF a baby, I would have to pump or use formula and I was being mean to DH by not letting him feed his son. First of all, DH was more than happy to be able to sleep all night, lol! And I proved her wrong! DS weaned himself (too early for me ) at 13 months and NEVER had a bottle!! She never breastfed so she didn't understand and SIL didn't breastfeed and kept her kids out until ungodly hours because she wanted to drink with her friends, but that is another topic, lol!!

Some people just don't get it!!!
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