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Re: Toddler Beds

All of mine tranferred out of their crib about 15-18 months. My dd and ds2 didn't sleep in their toddler beds for long. I am not sure what the deal was, but they were in a toddler bed for about 6 months and then wanted a bigger bed. This time around with ds#3 we are moving straight to a twin bed! My ds2 bed we got at Ikea and it is a platform bed and about as high off the ground as a toddler bed. It is awesome! He was very excited about his new bed. He picked out his own new bedding and we have never had any problems with him going to bed.

He had a gate on the door so he couldn't wander the house when he woke up. He has his own toy box in his room so he can play when he wakes up and we have never had any problems!!!
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