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Re: Toddler Beds

Both of my boys moved into a toddler bed at 13 months. The first was just ready for a todder bed and he's done really well. He's 33 months now and sleeps in a full-sized bed in their room. I didn't think my 2nd was anywhere near ready, but he started climbing out of his bed and I was afraid of he was moved and we just keep a pallet (or a mattress) on the floor next to the toddler bed just in case he rolls out. However, he's finally gotten used to it and does really well. It seems like he's learned how to assess the situation and risk If he thinks he can't get out safely, he'll sit and wait for me to come get it (crying, but waiting). If he thinks he can do it safely, he'll go for it and he's usually right Oh, and regarding the room being child-proofed. I have no toys in there. But there are 2 small drawer things (like those plastic drawer things you can get from walmart, kmart, target) and one is for socks..and the other has my older sons underwear, shirts, and sweatpants. They don't have a toybox in there at all. All the outlets are covered and for my almost 3yo, there are child-safety doorknob lock things on the room door knob and the closet door knob. Without those, he would refuse a nap. The reason they're on the closet is because we share a closet...if you open his closet, you can go in to the other end and open our closet door and get into our room. We didn't know he had this figured out until 1st thanksgiving (he was 10-11 months old) and we went to check on him napping and low and behold, he was in our bathroom covered in vaseline.
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