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Re: My Short list.... Tell me what you think of these names.

Originally Posted by Bridym
Hi mamas
Well I know you will be nice to me so I thought I would throw my short list out to you. We are having a seriosuly hard time naming this baby so I need some suggestions. If you have any names that you can suggest please do!

Here are the names

Bridget(my name is a form of Bridget)

Lena and Mallory are my favorites so far, but DH doesn't care for Lena much at all but it seems to be a name I just keep going back to over and over again so I can't take it off my list.

Thanx for the suggestions!
I like Lena and Mallory too. Chelsea I always think of Clinton. I like Bridget okay. I like Lena the best too. What about a compromise with DH and call her Lena bvut use a longer name like: Melena, Angelina, Magdalina, Helena, Paulina, Selena, Alena, Elena, Kalena
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