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Re: Baby Signing...

We started showing him MILK (nursing), EAT (solids or snacks), MORE, PLEASE, THANKYOU, TIRED at about 5m randomly. The only one I was really really consistent with was MILK. Right around the 7m mark he all of a sudden one day understood what I meant. I showed him the sign a week or so before and he didn't react at all. Then about a week later I did the same thing again and he grinned and laid down in this nursing position and made his nursing sound. It was REALLY cute!

Around 7.5m he started making the sign MILK when he wanted to nurse. Dh tried to put him in the highchair to see if he knew it was nursing or just hungry. Ds had a FIT and was VERY sad until dh brought him to me. heehee so the L-O-N-G answer for us is about 7.5m
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