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Re: Anyone have arrhythmia (skipped heart beat) during pregnancy?

Originally Posted by starbuckmom View Post
I have whats called SVT. Supraventricular tachycardia. Basically, my heart beat can get up to 180 beats per minute. My first episode was back in May and I was in the ER because of it not knowing what it was. I had 3 more episodes after that in June and I thought it was from caffeine. Since I cut out caffeine, I haven't had anything. Fast forward to last Wed a week ago, I woke up with my heart racing. Come to find out it my back was out. Here is the link to the story:
I also was having palpitations but they pretty much stopped since my chiropractor adjusted my back. I have gone back to see her 2 times since then. This morning being one of those times. My pinched nerve keeps coming back and she wants to make sure that it doesn't happen again. I will see her again on Monday. I see my heart dr on Tuesday and will be filling him in on all this. I know that after the babies are born, I will have to have a surgery where they go in thru and artery in my leg up to my heart and clip something in my heart. My problem is electrical. I have something that is misfiring. Not fun!

You might want to see your chiropractor and see if your back is out.
I have the same thing mama. Last time I had a bad attack my HR at the hospital was 210. It really stinks. Usually I can stop them by rubbing my carotid artery or holding my breath and bearing down. I am going to have the surgery next year. They basically burn the extra pathway that your heart has created and they shock the atrial node in your heart. That way the node wont send the electrical signals in circles, that create the fast heart rate. I guess they call it AV node ablation and it is pretty quick and done under xray--while awake.

For the OP, i would def. get to a doctor though to rule out anything serious. You just never know. Some arrhythmia's are harmless and some can be pretty darn serious, leading to stroke etc.
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