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Re: Anyone Else Have This "Problem"?

I get this all the time! It is so frustrating! I have 2 boys and they were not called girls (rarely), but my girl is called a he 90% of the time! Dressed in pink! Yeah, she has no hair, but people are just blind!
I say the 'yes, we think SHE"S cute, too' type stuff and most of the time they catch it, but it just annoys me to no end.
If I can't tell the gender of a baby, I make a neutral comment. like 'what a cutie' or something and the parent will then usually say something gender specific. I also NEVER ask if someone is preg, unless it is painfully obvious. (I jsut got asked at the grocery store the other week - it was devastating to my already low self-esteem!). I think we should get a free punch or something for being wrongfully accused! HAHA!
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