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Re: Anyone have arrhythmia (skipped heart beat) during pregnancy?

Having transient palpitations is fairly common among pregnant women. Usually they come and go as the body adjusts to the increased circulating blood volume and physiological changes that accompany pregnancy. During pregnancy, with the normal light-headedness and fatigue, it can be hard to determine from a list of symptoms of this is minor or not. For most women (and this was the case with me) by the end of the second trimester, the palpitations had resolved.
What a few Mommas on here mentioned are sustained tachycardias (high heart rates). Generally, this is a run of a heart rate ranging from 120 beats per minute up into the 200 beats that is SUSTAINED for a period of time. These high heart rates can be dangerous because the heart can't appropriately fill its chambers. During pregnancy, the vagal manuever (baring down as if to have a bowel movement) is the first line of action. If that doesn't work, their are medications that can be administered while you are hooked up to a cardiac monitor to break the rhythm. Then after you have delivered, a cardiologist would determine if your rhythm can be controlled by medication alone or if an EP study is warranted. I am a nurse in an Electrophysiology Lab, and have never personally seen an ablation done on a pregnant woman as there is so much fluoroscopy involved (X-Ray) in burning the appropriate area of the heart that is misfiring.
Hope this helps.
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