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Re: How often does you EBF baby poop?

Originally Posted by mom2LBJ View Post
When EBF, DS pooped once every 7-10 days. He had plenty of pee dipes and stinky little baby farts all day long. His ped said that as long as hes happy and when he does poop it isn't hard, solid or formed, then hes perfectly fine. She said its called complete absorption(?). Where hes getting just the right amount from nursing and there isn't any waste. Just one of the many rewards of nursing, less poop! And as long as the gas is coming out one end or the other, why worry? Farts are a normal part of a healthy working digestive system lol Welcome to motherhood, you're going to be embarrassed in public many, many times. Id just enjoy it while it lasts, because once we started solids at six months he poops allllll the time now

their digestive system matures to better absorption around 2 months
we're averaging about 2 poops/day and he's ~ 3 months old
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