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Re: How often does you EBF baby poop?

The first month or so ours went a little every day.

Then he changed when he started to teethe. it went to once-three times a week. To once a week... to non existant and obvious tight tummy and cries of pain. We had to help him out.

Apparently he's had some trouble all last month with it, and we've had to help him out 1/2 the time (He'd get stuck or totally not relax and go because it hurt) because he was starting to get impacted.

He's teething like I did. Mom said she practically needed an icepick for me when I was a baby, and then for a while we went to daily enemas because I was in so much pain. (of course I was much older than he is at present)

He's back on a routine and his is every 2-3 days. So when he goes, we praise him, and it's become a bit more regular (every other day sometimes).

When he doesn't go, he gets miserable, cranky and you can see he's in pain... I hate it.

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