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Re: What do I do if I don't have enough milk?!?

Everyone has such great advice. I also had a 5lb baby he was so small I was scared but he ate all the time he was at my breast constantley and to top it off he had torticolis so i only fed him on my left breast the right one dried up so he nursed all the time but because of the suckling he managed to make up for the one breast by helping to produce more milk in the left side to meet his needs. when your baby is just sucking he is telling your breast that you need to produce more milk for him. Don't worry and don't give up you are giving your baby the best gift ever. You will not regret it trust me. keep at it and baby will keep growing!!!! also talk to your ped. and don't use formula if you don't have too. oh and one other thing try pumping when baby is calm or sleeping and it has been a while since you last nursed. this way you can kind of see just how much you are producing! If you have not used a bottle yet just freeze what you pump until you are ready ( but don't freeze for longer then 6 weeks) Good luck Mama you are doing the best thing for you baby!!!
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