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Re: Does 27 & 30 seem young to say no more??

Originally Posted by RileysMama View Post
Honestly, I think it is a little too soon after Ephraim's birth to make a decision like that. Your hormones are still wonky and you can't trust yourself to make a good decision about this, kwim?? Its the same reason pregnant women aren't supposed to make any BIG decisions while pregnant, the hormones affect your brain!!!

Why don't you wait 6-8 months and see how you feel then? Maybe there's a long weekend your DH could get it done later and still have time to recover. I don't think that 27 and 30 is too young for the procedure, but you guys should give it lots of thought.

Just my
I totally agree. I am all for waiting for big decisions like that. You would hate to get it done, only to regret your decision in year or two.
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