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Re: Does 27 & 30 seem young to say no more??

Originally Posted by Shannon View Post
I don't think it is too young at all. I am 25 and Dh is 27 and he is having a vasectimy done in January.

It's acually a very hard decision for me. I probebly would have another baby but I am making sure that we dont'. Financially it makes little sense for us to have another one. Not to mention my mental stabilitly....That sounds horrible but I really dont' think I can handle any more children. IMO just because you want to have more children doesn't mean you should...if you have valid reasons why you also shouldn't....does that makes sense? It's just hard to shut the door on this chapter of my life already because it has gone by so fast and I can't believe that I'm really about to be done having I feel you!

Good luck on your decision
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