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Re: how to wash wool

If it's colored wool, check out these instructions from the Stacinator website:

**Note** Dark colored wool will bleed.
*tip* For bleeding wool, mix 3 cups white vinegar with 3tbsp salt, wet wool in lukewarm water, add to vinegar/salt mixture. Microwave for two, 3minute sessions. Allow to COMPLETELY cool, rinse in lukewarm water, wash, re-lanolize. (if you rinse before allowing to completely cool, you may unintentionally felt your garment)

I only have a couple of pieces of wool but I've gotten in a habit of washing them in order from lightest to darkest because the color still bleeds just a little on the darkest one.

Also, a word to the wise, if you're going to use something like Lansinoh to lanolize your wool, make sure it is COMPLETELY dissolved. Add a drop of baby wash or baby shampoo to help it mix completely with the water. If you see any little globs or spots of lanolin floating around in the water, you're likely to wind up with said spots and globs on your covers. It won't hurt them, just not overly attractive! I've got some yellow spots on my beige cover and I keep washing with baby shampoo hoping they'll eventually wash out. They're getting lighter but still not completely gone. I'm just glad I was smart enough not to wash that one with the blue cover I have...that would have been bad news!
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