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Re: The Mystery Rash Is Solved...I Don't Believe It

I think it's something like the same type of bacteria. Of course I'm not sure. I started to freak out thinking of the little boy in the Velvateen Rabbit and didn't hear everything that was said.

Originally Posted by daizydoo View Post
Isn't that a strain of strep throat? My oldest dc doesn't get strep in the typical form- they think it because he has had his tonsils out, anyways he gets a rash all over him. The first time it happened I thought he had a reaction to soap or something since he is very sensitive to soaps and he had been at a sleepover but when it didn't clear I called and they swabbed his throat and it was strep. He had no fever or sore throat though. I felt bad because it happened to be over Christmas and his birthday so he exposed all of his friends and family.
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