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Re: What do I do if I don't have enough milk?!?

Yeah, what they all said...with a couple of other things....

sounds like you have plenty of milk, and the more babies nurse the more milk you make. When watching diapers, though, you need to watch for wet and dirty...wet diapers indicate hydration, dirty indicated digestive activity. Breastfed babies sometimes go WEEKS without a bowel movement, but that doesn't start until they are 6 weeks old or so, so your little one should be having daily bowel movements.

He does have a weight gain, whicch is great! One other thing to keep in mind is that your hindmilk is more nutrient-dense than your foremilk, and also offers great satiety. Try putting your breats on a schedule lol! Nurse him only one the left (for example) for three or four hours, regardless of how many times he nurses, then switch to the right for the next several hours. This way, you are ensuring that he is fully "emptying" each breast and getting the most hindmilk he can.

Some babies nurse more than others, and smaller babies tend to have a harder time learning to nurse efficiently--they often need to nurse more often than babies who are larger. If you do opt for weight checks, be sure theat he is weighed on the same scale EACH time, and the slightest miscalibration can change a new baby's weight significantly.

Keep up the good work!!!!
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