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Q's regarding cold or something similar in 15 month old

I need help My 15 month old has some kind of cold or allergy problem at the moment. At first, I thought cold..because of the runny nose and nasal congestion. Then, I thought allergies because of the way he's been rubbing his face...BUT..I'm thinking cold again.

I really don't want to take him to the doctor as I'm not happy with them, BUT - if he NEEDS to go...then I don't have a problem.

I can't get him to take any medicine. He just spits it out if I actually get the dropper in his mouth (which, i don't blame tastes bad..) what am I supposed to do? My oldest didn't really get these types of things very often and I haven't really had *too* much trouble administering medicine when necessary...but this little booger won't take anything. ALSO, I've noticed recently that he's not eating much. At first I thought it was a growth spurt (he's weird and usually tapers off with his eating when going through a growth spurt, my oldest is exact opposite)...but it's lasting a bit longer than 'normal' and now he's got this cold thing...??

I feel like if I take him to the doctor, they'll tell me it's nothing....if I don't take him, it'll turn into something and we'll end up in the urgent care clinic.

He's having trouble sleeping because of the nasal congestion....i plugged in one of those gentle vapors things so I'm hoping that will far as not getting him o take any medicine...what can i do, short of medicine, to help him??
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