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Re: Ideal birth setting

We had done this excersize during our doula training and I did the typical "labor at home, soft lights, only dh, myself, midwife in water etc" But after hearing everyone else's expierences I am gonna steal one of the other girls idea's, since it was amazing (of course adding my own stuff in)!

My ideal birth setting is at a tropical place far away from here, far from any hospital.. I want to just have the baby with dh and myself present, with a midwife/doula in the background "in case". I want all the windows to be open, it be a warm summer night where the cool breeze can come in and take away the pain. I want to be able to hear the ocean (and just the ocean) and smell the salt. I want the room I give birth in to be lit by candles with a large view of the ocean, A large soft bed that lays really low to the ground. A soft color, with famuliar smells from home, but just lightly. I want to give birth just as the sunrises leaning on dh for support him giving me tons of encouragement, kissing my forehead, etc and then once the baby is born, no need to rush to cut the cord or give him/her a bath, just sit there in amazement of our newest member of the family, something our love had created. Then wrapped with the warmth of the sun I would start breastfeeding, which would go perfect right from the start, no problems just instant bliss!

Then afterwards take the most relaxing bath ever in a HUGE whirlpool tub with baby, then followed by a short trip to the beach, were we are greeted with the rest of our family..

Yes corny I know but isnt it just perfect?
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