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Exclamation Re: Anyone Gluten-free?

Our family is mostly living gfcf (gluten and casein free). There are lots of great websites out there with yummy recipes and even several yahoogroups too. Making things from scratch is the way to go.....I buy a few gfcf staple type foods at a healthfood store like whole foods, but one could go broke shopping there for everything. So I get the rest of the food at other grocery stores. Here is 1 site I particularlly love, they have easy kid friendly recipes...

The pancakes are so yummy, especially made with almond milk (If avoiding milk). The stir fry dish and chicken nuggets are yummy as well.

Lots of food have hidden gluten in it as well be sure to read labels. Here is one site that given many specific gfcf brands and where to buy them and other important info.

Here is 2 helpful yahoogroups

It is hard but it is something one can's a whole family change. Both my kids were 100% off of it and I saw huge improvements, unfortunately we've goofed up and they've both had a bit back into their diets daily and I'm seeing more behavior issues arise again.

Best wishes.
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