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Re: Do you feed on demand or hold to a schedule?

Hi there! We have a routine - Eat, Play, Sleep. It's not a schedule. I feed dd when she is hungry, but not every time she fusses (is tired, needs a diaper,etc). With my first dd, I fed her almost anytime anything bothered her. She didn't really eat, and would often refuse, but eventually needed me to put her to sleep. We eventually slowly worked in a routine of doing something else after she ate so she eventually learned to put herself down.

All babies are different! We went through about the same thing at that age, but it was because of teeth (she couldn't stay down the whole time). I do know that my dd gained weight better when she had 'meals' 4 hours apart at that age than constantly 'grazing' all day long, but that was just her- your baby coud be completely the opposite (sorry if that's not very helpful). Good luck!
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