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Question Re: Thrush Support and Questions

Originally Posted by riandkymommy
Now what actually worked for us was internally taking grapefruit seed extract, but the pills!
I'm doing this now--and i have to second the Dr. Newman articles, they are *very* helpful. Are you taking capsules filled with liquid GSE or the tablets? I'm taking the tablets and i know they say they're just as effective as the liquid but i wondered what others' experiences were.

(And in spite of all that i'm doing, DS's yeast diaper rash has *still* not completely gone away after weeks of treatment, including him on a week of diflucan, vinegar+water spray after each diaper change, twice daily lotrimin cream (for almost a month now!), me taking acidopholus, diflucan, and GSE, and applying diluted GSE in distilled water right on it, washing all his diapers on HOT with GSE in the rinse cycle). It has vastly improved--but a little bit hangs around right on the inside of his bum no matter what ).

i'm wondering whether me putting plain yogurt on it would help it at all, or if i should consider applying woman's yeast infection treatment cream to it as well. I'll be calling his doctor again next week if it's still not gone...stupid 8 doses of antibiotics for Strep B we got during labor .
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