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Re: Car Seat Help???!!!??

facing some similar issues here. I have 2 boys hovering at 30lbs. They are still RF in their convert. seats as reccomended by safety experts. But in 3lbs and 6lbs (diff seats) they need to be FF and noth of these are harnessed only to 40lbs. One goes on to be a booster, but the harness is so much safer.
Anyway. The real question was how long till your child is 40lbs? For most kids that happens around age 4. The CDC has growth charts, find your childs growth curve, follow it to 40lbs, and check the age. It will give you a nice estimate and the majority of kids will keep to their curve, thougfh there are of course exceptions.
Now what you didn't actually ask, was what seat to buy. You could get an Apex 65 for about $100 for the 2yr old, and move the 8mo to the 2yos current seat. Otherwise there are Britax and Radian that go to 65. I would definately get the new seat for the toddler and move the baby into the toddlers seat.
Kim, mom of 5
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