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Re: Is your 1, 2 or 3 year old rear facing in the car?

Thanks, i figured the guidelines for re-use of a carseat would come up, and yes, we did meet the criteria for continuing to use our seat.
The only reason i was injured was because the glove compartment door did not lock cloed, so it was open, and therefore my knees were actually touching it when we crashed(it was a new car, we were on the way to the store to get the bolt needed to fix that issue, as well as some paint and other itesm to spiff up the car, LOL!)....had that not been the case, there would have been no injuries. Even the little kids, 8 and 9, who had regular seat belts on, did not have even slight bruising or soreness, so it really was a very mild crash.
At this point, her weight is up around 33, and her height (with a bulky cloth dipey, on, LOL,) exceeds all the RF seats i have tried her in (at babies r us they have this whole line you can try out,) so at this point, she is just FF, i guess.. .....
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