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Re: "If she'd just talk to her, she would start talking!" gmil and mil rant

every single child learns at their own pace. since dad may have started talking at 11 months and mom at 11 months, does not guarantee the child will talk at 11 months too. i was an early speaker, dh was a normal speaker, yet my 3yr old has the vocabulary of 50 words. i had to put up with the il's and even my own parents because she wasnt talking. i knew she had problems, but they insisted it was because i wasnt doing enough and that she would be fine if i worked with her more. the only one who took my side was dh, because he knew i was working with her for hours every single day. since then she has been getting early childhood services because she cannot comprehend what we are saying to her. her hearing is fine, her sight is fine. her brain is not comprehending what we are saying to her at all.

you are her mother, you know what is best for her. please dont let other family members get to you. im here if you want to talk.
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