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Re: "If she'd just talk to her, she would start talking!" gmil and mil rant

People can be so ignorant. When DS was first born DH's aunt and his cousin said we would never be able to raise him and they would have to "take him". I was furious. Guess where his cousin is now? She just got out of jail for possession of drugs and being an accomplice to a robbery. His aunt allows her son to cook meth in the basement. (She was even doing it herself for a while there) Somtimes people just need to take a step back and stop being so self righteous. In-laws can be the worst, though I'm not sure why. I don't think they even understand how hurtful their comments can be. Sorry you had to hear that though mama, I know how frusterating it is. Just ignore them, you know you're going a great job.
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