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Re: "If she'd just talk to her, she would start talking!" gmil and mil rant

Thanks, his grandma is 94 so I know I need to cut her some slack, heck she still refers to Sage as he and him most of the time. But his mom makes comments all the time "You need to wean at 6 weeks, I fed Billy cereal at 2 weeks and he's fine, Billy slept on his belly on a quilt and he didn't die, etc" It is just frustrating.

We do sign with her. I started around 8-9 months, just like with Maia, She signed back for the first time at just over 14 months. She signs more, please, and milkie, I saw All Done for the first time today. The ones that get her things are obviously the most motivating. We sign dirty (for diaper change) thank you, help, bath, no, stop, drink, eat, book, hurt, and sorry. I think she understands them all but she doesn't sign them back. Her comprehension seems to be pretty good, it has picked up in the last 2 months. Other than hi, mama and dada everything else is unintelligible to anyone else. I can understand "this" and "day do" is thank you. It is so hard though because she gets so angry about it and is starting to throw lots of temper tantrums because we don't know what she wants.

Thanks for listening
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