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Re: "If she'd just talk to her, she would start talking!" gmil and mil rant

Originally Posted by romans_mum View Post
I didnt speak early....I was a grunter and pointer for a long time......because I didnt need to speak! I had my older brother wrapped around my little finger, i stood somewhere pointed and cryed, he came running and got it for me.
This was my brother too. My first day of kindergarten my Mom came to pick him up from the babysitter and she said "WOW... did you know he could talk?" My Mom laughed because she'd had him alone before. He had no need to talk when I was around though... I did it all for him.

To the OP: She's your daughter and you are doing what's right by her. Don't listen to them Mama, you're doing great! I hope that everything goes well when you take her for her evaluation.
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