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Re: Anyone else have one going off to college?

I have my oldest on his first year of college already. He's 18.
I had to drop him off to college on his 18th birthday. No one told me it's worse than sending them off to Kindergarten, I blubbered all the way home that day.
I'm so happy he picked a college that is only an hour away, in the town we do a lot of shopping, so I see him every couple of weeks when he runs out of snack food and bottled water.
I have to drag him out of bed and take him back today, my friends son goes there too, so I'll drop him off aswell.
She gets to go pick them both up for the Christmas break. Iwent off to college at 16 and loved living in the dorm and being with other girls, ours was a female only dorm, not like the mixed ones today. Max's dorm has three floors, bottom and top are boys, girls in the middle floor.
That scared me more than him being gone
Senior year is so hectic, so much to do, with SAT's and college apps.
I'd encourage her to apply everywhere and see what kind of money they all offer before choosing.
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