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Re: Anyone else have one going off to college?

My eldest is a senior in HS too and I just keep thinking this is his last *name your holiday* as a minor and totally with the fam. Fortunately, he has decided (for the time being) to go to the jc near our house and then move with us to another state in about a couple of years and transfer to the local uni there. More often than not these days, I look at him and draw the similarities of how he looks/acts now to when when was a little one ... I keep remembering his first day of school and how he looked going off. Honestly, I'm terrified of my kids going off as adults ... out of my care, I'm afraid that "something" might happen ... that they wont be able to make an adequate life for themselves and end up eating out of trash bins. That may be a silly fear, but it's there none the less. HAHA, I tell my kids that the hardest part of being a parent is fearing for your child - no matter how old they are.

This growing up and out thing scares the ****e out of me ...

to you.
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