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HELP!!! Gift Ideas for an almost 6 year old??

Our little foster girl is turning 6 in about a week and we still haven't figured out what to get her I want to get her something very nice and high quality aka wood rather than plastic and preferably something that doesn't make a ton of noise. She is super interested in the computer and is a total girly girl but I really don't want to get her anything "grown up". She wants a cell phone or a computer lol- not gonna happen! The problem I'm running into is she seems to kind of float from one thing to the next all the time. For some reason these kids don't really "play" with anything they just pull things out and run around She will occasionally play with dolls, the baby stroller, she likes to read, and do arts and crafts which is hard with the other little ones around. AHHH I have no idea I found a nice play kitchen that we could get her (she originally asked for this gigantic bright plastic Dora kitchen that talked and costs like $200 ) but do you think she would actually play with it?? She doesn't play with the one we have now but we also don't have a ton to go with it... I have also considered getting her say a Goldfish or something but I don't now if that is a great idea because I'm not sure how interested she would stay in it and that wouldn't be fair to the fish Well now that I've written a novel what do you think?
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