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question about teenage boys/girls

Ok. Do I need to be worried? My 13 yr old son has a girlfriend. OK, so thats not worrying me.. most do at that age.. but... While doing laundry the other day, emptying the pockets (trying to push the point...I WASNT SNOOPING) I found some letters from my 13 yr old (baby's) pants pockets. Of course... not being one to resist temptation.. I read them.

Oh My god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that stuff is mushy..... I dont even write my husband letters like that.

All lovey dovey... i love you... I cant live w/o you... You make my world a nicer place..... your so sexy...(umm hello... this is my twiggy son we are talkin about)

Should this kind of "very mature" letters bother me?
*tickers are not allowed*
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