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Re: You know those comments you get when you're out in public...?

Tharen and I were the talk of L&D when he was born. I swear for the first 24hours nurses kept filing in and out of my room just to gawk at us. Not because Tharen was huge, he was a big boy, but only 8lbs 9ozs, bigger than Kearnan but not suprisingly large or anything. But his head was huge. Off the charts huge. And he came out posterior and face presenting. The nurses kept asking me if I really delivered him. By the end I felt like saying, "no, the stork dropped him in my room." We had a big shock and I had placental acretia and I nearly bled out so I couldn't move for 12hours without help. I am sure alot of the nurses thought it was because of my son's giant head.

Tharen grew really quickly too. Most people just smiled and said "oh he's a big healthy boy" or something similar. But one woman asked me how old he was and I told her he was 6 months. She looked at him, looked at me and said in this really nasty tone "He's a big baby." Like I had done something wrong to make him so large.
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