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Questions about EO's

I currently use Allen's Naturally and it has no scent whatsoever, so I feel like my diapers don't smell "clean". I don't know anything about EO's and wondered if I put a drop or two in with my detergent would that give my diapers a fresher smell?

If so what do you recommend I use and how much?


Oh yeah we use Fuzzi Bunz with Moe inserts and at night I use Hemp in a Fuzzi Bunz. This isn't Hemp stink either it is the actual Fuzzi Bunz that just don't smell fresh, they are stinky just not fresh if that makes any sense. We have an HE machine and do a cold rinse/ spin, followed by the sanitary cycle where I add the prewash setting (don't put any detergent in the prewash dispenser) and an extra rinse.
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