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Help me pick a baby carrier!

So here's the deal. I think I am ready to take the plunge. I have a baby bjorn, but not loving it. (oh, and a nojo sling I HATE!!!!)

I think I'd like to carry ODD, who is 2.5yr and 30" while out on short treks, like the grocery store. She's at that age where she pulls everything off and gets in to everything. I think wearing her some might give her some extra attention she's been lacking since YDD was born.

YDD is 7 mo and should start crawling soon. So wearing her to and from here and there. I have a double stroller, and use it when walking, but think she'd really like being worn.

I want something easy and quick that gives me options to wear both girls easily. I'd prefer something that doesn't take like 30 minutes to put on. LOL. And I am nursing still, and would like something where I could nurse and wear. That's probably my biggest complaint about the baby bjorn.

Comfort and cuteness great too. Price is important, though. Not willing to pay like $100 for a carrier I don't know that I like. Please spam me or rave for your fave!

ETA: I am of average build with small breasts. I don't plan on carrying both at the same time, just would like a carrier that would allow me to be able to carry either girl.
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