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Re: Help me pick a baby carrier!

I prefer a ring sling, easy to get on/off, easy to adjust from - say - your biggee to the little. I just haven't tried pockets - if the fit isn't perfect (which i think changes depending on how big the baby is) then it can be very uncofmy (according to my neighbor).

I'm not clear whether you wanted something that would allow you to carry both at once? I use a back carry for all bigger kids (about 25-30 lbs), because that is a lot of weight to carry on one shoulder. I gotta say that I LOVE our Ergo, but I was a hard sell. It's $$$ but will carry my big girl who is EIGHT! Her legs are to the floor, of course lol, but it'll bear her weight easily. It's not EASY to use, esp. at first. But practice with your bigger babe, and it gets easier really fast. I've started to see some used ones around, now that the new generation ones are everywhere.

Ring slings - I get mine either on babywearer yahoo group, or ebay. You can just do a search for ring sling. If you are a big person with big breasts and you want some tail left over to give some privacy, get an XL or equivelant. Otherwise, it's pretty much osfa, and you can make small adjustments as needed. I carry my ds (22 mos) in it for all the quick trips, and I also use it around the house. I find it helps alot when he's in one of his super fussy don't put me DOWN phases. I don't use it much for longer treks.

We also have a backpack, like a frame pack thing, which I do use for lengthier adventures. Well, now I use the ergo lol, but my husband still prefers the backpack for longer treks.

I think the fabric of a sling is the most important issue, for me anyway. I finally found one made from a very nice soft flannel that my son and I both love a lot. I use it more often and enjoy having it on me more than other slings that I've passed along because they just didn't feel that awesome.

That's about all I can offer - brand is a lot less of an issue for me than it is for some mamas, so there will surely be others who have brands to give you, maybe even websites! Good luck!!!
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