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Re: Questions about EO's

Originally Posted by jessica36
Are you using HE detergent? Also make sure you are using enough, too little and they won't smell "clean"

I have also never had a problem with a few drops of TTO in my wash to clean them
I use HE detergent for our clothes but I use the Allen's Naturally which MOE recommends for the diapers. I even talked to Allen's Naturally about using there detergent in my HE machine and they said to use 1/4 of an ounce instead of the regualar ounce for top loaders.

The reason I am using the Allen's is because most of my mediums have shot elastic in them so when I went to PT size I switched to make sure it wasn't my soap causing the elastic to break down quicker. I hang dry my pockets and dry my inserts.

I don't know it is weird, they don't stink they just don't smell really fresh either. Maybe I am asking for too much. LOL
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