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Re: have you ever...

Yes i have. My dd2 had severe colic for the first 7 months of her life. She screamed 24-7 and hubby and i had to take shifts. it was bad!!
anyway, when she was 3 month old we drove to idaho. 14 hours.... and if you can imagine if i stopped the car to nurse her everytime the trip would have been like 3 days.... so in the back country roads, in the middle of the night, i would hold her and nurse. Never in a city and never on a busy road, and never when thedeer were out.. But i had to do what i had to do to keep my sanity.. I know i am a bad mom... please dont flame i am just being honest...

a far as recent times. Yes, I dont strap in my 3 kids, ( only 1 of them) when we run up to samis freind house 7 houses away. They love sittin the the front seat. Emma is always strapped since she is only 2, but the older 2 think it is fun to sit nxt to me on my block..LOL
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