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Yes i have. My dd2 had severe colic for the first 7 months of her life. She screamed 24-7 and hubby and i had to take shifts. it was bad!!
anyway, when she was 3 month old we drove to idaho. 14 hours.... and if you can imagine if i stopped the car to nurse her everytime the trip would have been like 3 days.... so in the back country roads, in the middle of the night, i would hold her and nurse. Never in a city and never on a busy road, and never when thedeer were out.. But i had to do what i had to do to keep my sanity.. I know i am a bad mom... please dont flame i am just being honest...

a far as recent times. Yes, I dont strap in my 3 kids, ( only 1 of them) when we run up to samis freind house 7 houses away. They love sittin the the front seat. Emma is always strapped since she is only 2, but the older 2 think it is fun to sit nxt to me on my block..LOL
You are not a bad mom at all! I'm sure most of us have done similar things. Just this weekend on our 8 hour car trip home I took Whilder out of her car seat because she kept screaming randomly like she was in pain, as soon as I took her out she started farting like crazy. I guess she had gas and being in that carseat position was horrible for her. We didn't pull over because for one like you said our trip would have taken days if we stopped every time she cried, and after all day in the car we all just needed to get home for our own sanity. I know it wasn't a very safe thing to do but if I were in the same situation I'd do the same thing again. I just can't let my baby be screaming in pain.
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