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Re: have you ever...

No way!

But back when most of us were little seatbelts were something people didn't use, and if they did, there surely wasn't a need for a carseat! just like most people didn't have insurance.

Now I've seen all kinds of interesting things. I had a friend when miranda was only months old, and we had to pick up her husband, well she had a van but it only had 2 rows of seats. so me and her rode Behind the last row of seats so I could get to my house. I've been in cars without wearing my seatbelt.. but very RARELY. So i was already nervous.. and then the kids started screaming. Well actually her 17 month old's screaming was waking up my 3 month old, So what did she do? she took him out of his carseat on the freeway going 70MPH so he could ride back with us. Now, it's bad enough we gotta ride back there, but put a child back there with us for no reason other than he was throwing a fit? She then asked me if I wanted to take miranda back here, that was okay...

I don't know what Planet she lived on, but here in this one we got a thing known as Gravity.. we get in a wreck on the freeway we aren't just going to go floating around.. we are going to be flying from our spots, and I would alteast like to know that my daughter isn't seriously injured because of my stupidity. lol

I don't mess around in the car. I buckle her in. She stays there in the middle of the backseat until the car is no longer moving. I don't care if she throws a fit. I don't care if she doesn't want in her seat. She gets over it relatively quickly, and if she doesn't then I wish we wouldn't of left the house, that that I wished i wouldn't of had to buckle her in. lol

My sister used to think it was fun to put her kids on her lap and drive around the block or whatever. I think it's the stupidest Idea my sister ever had.

That's my opinion. Accidents happen normally when you are close to home.. You know the roads so you don't worry.. But you never know when your choice to put her child in the car without thier belt on, or to BF on the highway or whatever might be the last choice you get to make with that child.. Well besides Funeral Arrangements. And that thought is what scares the hell out of me. it's why i don't take the chance.

I don't wanna scare everyone to death.. but it's the truth. Bad things can happen.. and do. I hear about it everyday on the news. wonder who will be next?
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