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Re: have you ever...

Nope NEVER! My FIL wanted me to leave the carseat home last christmas (noah was 5 months) because if I used it someone would have to ride on the scooter. EXCUSE Me but sorry if I have to be the one riding the scooter then fine as long as my child is in a carseat I will freeze to ensure Noahs safety. Needless to say my IN LAWS never never never will drive Noah anywhere with out me there because I do not trust them!

Also this past week MIL, FIL DH, DS , and I rented a minivan it took me over 30 mintutes to install the car seat and FIL was really PO'd at how anal I was about it! GIVE ME A break if I was not then that would be the issue. OH and BTW he is retired Cop yup go figure!

sorry to hijack so no I would never ever not use the car seat but I believe they SAVE lives!
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