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Re: have you ever...

I dont leave a boosters at my moms house when she has them. Nor do i leave a carseat. That is becaseu my mom is NOT allowed to drive with them in the car. My mom is an alcoholic, who may or may not be drinking. ( i relaly dont think she drinks when shehas my kids) but i am not going to risk her drving drunk withmy kids in the car. so therefore, no car seats. and she is a nurse, and used to be ER at county. I am certainshewould never drive without a carseat,( unles someone was litterally dying..)

I dotn think there is anything wrong with my strapping my older 2 kids, almost 5 and 6, into the front seat when we are on my street.I dont live on a main street, and acatully, excpet for at 2 pm, there are not alot of cars on my steet ever. i am deep in a neighborhood. and most pplhave kids and ppl are driving slower becaseu kids are playing...

I say we all do things that others woudl never do as a parent. But those are OUR choices. not others..
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