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Re: Is your 1, 2 or 3 year old rear facing in the car?

Cosco seats are rated to 35 lbs. The Scenara is only around $50 at Walmart. It doesn't have some of the nice features of a Britax or even the Triumph, but it would allow for your ds to stay rf a bit longer. Note- it's when they are OVER the weight limit that it's outgrown- not at the weight limit.

Newborns need a 45 degree angle to keep their air way open. As a baby gets older a 45 degree angle is not needed. More upright is actually safer since it shouldn't rotate as far towards the floor in a crash. It is facing of the rear that protects a child, not the angle of the car seat. Unless, of course, it's a newborn that needs help keeping the airway open- then the angle does indeed matter.

Tightly rolled towels or newspapers, or a pool noodle(s) cut to fit can help with achieving proper recline. They should ONLY be used if needed and on rear facing seats. See manufacturer's instructions for how to do. Make sure they do not interfere with proper installation or use of the seat.
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