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NO, I have never not used a car seat, nor would I. I can't say anything more without offending anyone. I will just read and try not to panick due to the O.C.C.S.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Car Seat Disorder) that I have diagnosed myself as having Thank God there is a job out there that allows me to be as obesessive as I want about them. Jen
I do have to say, please don't lean over your babies to Breast Feed, They literally become your airbag in a crash.
what she said. I think I have OCCSD too a bit. I will say thought that the *temptation* has been there to not buckle when I stop to feed the baby after shopping at Target and we are still headed to Costco across the shopping center parking lot and I reeeeeally don't want to wake him, but in his seat he goes even if it wakes him up.
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