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Re: Vax & military question

DS was vaxed upto date until his 1 year checkup when i had done the research on vaxs...The vax clinic tried to give me grief and said that he won't be able to attend school, ect, and I told them in no uncertain terms that those services CANNOT be withheld from him because of this and that there are papers that can be signed stating it's a religious/philisophical belief not to vax. The ped I saw that day was very helpful with getting me info and very supportive that it was my choice...he went through some pros and cons and helped me find a website...even offered that if I wanted to come back in to see him only to discuss it further if I had more questions that I was more than welcome to do it. Just don't let anyone bully you into it...there are ways around everything in the system, and if your child needs to be in childcare on post, then you can fill out papers...they cannot deny you the services as long as you fill out the proper things! gl mama!
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